Saturday, June 11, 2016

The Democratic Party is the Anti-American Party

What an abysmal state of affairs this country is in.  One only has to gander at the Democratic Party and its legions of teat squawkers, liars, cheats, thieves, and moral degenerates to get an idea of what a cesspool this country has become.  Everything liberals touch becomes corrupted:  words have no meaning; lies become truth; consensus is science; citizenship is open to interpretation and the U.S. Constitution has been replaced by a narcissist with a pen and phone.

I wish I could say things are about to get better, but I doubt it.  Take a look at the two yahoos who are running for the Democratic Party nomination.  Bernie Sanders didn’t earn a regular paycheck until he was forty years old.  Hippies kicked him out of their commune because the only work he accomplished was running his mouth, no doubt railing about how the “fat cats” were keeping him down while his communal buddies busted their ass to put food on the table.  How do I know this?  Because, I have two Bernie Sanders supporters living next door who have the same mentality.

And then we have Hillary Clinton.

This woman is a poster child for the entitlement class.  No law applies to her and her coterie of sycophants.  No scandal soils her pants suit.  And how is that?  Just turn on any cable news network and you’ll find a morally impaired mouthpiece outright lie for her; or, read an editorial in your local rag and get a lecture on how conservatives are persecuting this modern day Joan of Arc fighting against a patriarchal society that doesn’t exist. 

Decent American citizens are constantly bombarded by a vocal minority that demand we compromise and restructure our lives, morality and way of thinking in order to make way for their self- righteous reformation of libertine and third-world values.  American has become a dirty word in their vocabulary.  Liberals pine for foreign socialist experiments that are hostile to our federalist system.  Maybe that’s why they’re importing millions of people whose culture is antagonistic to ours.  Trump supporters in San Jose, California can attest to that.

I fear for future generations.  One day they will look back and wonder what happened to the United States.  How did a once great country fracture and balkanize into a lawless, third-world hellhole?  Historians can point to this era and claim, it all started with the first anti-American president and his Democratic Party.


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