Friday, June 17, 2016

Liberal World: Where Denial is Deadly

Welcome to Liberal World!  It’s a magical place where actions have no consequences and everything is free…for liberals that is.  In Liberal World, Obamatons are programmed to instinctively blame others for problems they foist upon themselves and others.  It’s a place where civil liberties violate “safe spaces” and inanimate objects are the cause for violate acts.

Our tour begins in the Hall of Special Snowflakes.  You’ll be amazed at the automatons who believe they’re entitled to your paycheck and property.  You’ll be accosted by Cheeto stained college students for “free tuition”; Marxist college professors lecturing for a utopian society; progressive politicians and media pundits accusing you of being a bigot, xenophobic and a climate denier, but most of all you’ll be attacked for being an American.  And if you think that’s harrowing, wait until you run the “White Privilege” gauntlet.  Words cannot describe the stupidity you’ll encounter there.

Next you’ll hop on a little, yellow bus that will take you to that special “religion” called Islam.  You’ll be greeted by President Barack Obama and the call to prayers.  Listen to him lecture you on “our common values” as a conveyor belt of knife wielding Muslim refugees scream, “Allah Akbar” as they collect welfare benefits and demand halal meals and special accommodations so they can pray to their moon god.

 Look out!  That gun just jumped off a table and started shooting people.  Somebody had better disarm American citizens before legions of guns jump into Muslim hands and start killing innocent civilians.  Wow!  Anything can happen in Liberal World.

If you survive the Islamic Cultural Enrichment Center, you’ll be shackled and perp walked to the Central Planners Bizarre.  You’ll be harried by federal government bureaucrats who want to run your life.  Notice the Lois Lerner smirk on their faces and the condescending attitude which is the hallmark of liberalism.  Notice the haughty laugh when asked “Is this America?”

And finally Liberal World ends with a tour of the Democratic Party Headquarters, a place where the Mad Hatter meets the United Nations.  Here is where all the automatons receive their marching orders.  Notice the map on the wall, the United States has no borders, and nonsensical, platitudes are spoken in multiple languages.   Look around.  You’ll notice the rule of law has been replaced by a ruler and the U.S. Constitution has been consigned to a roll in a transgender bathroom.  If this reminds you of a third-world hellhole, that’s because it is!  Congratulations, you just won our teat squawkers gift basket, now you can go stand in that Venezuelan-esque line. 

I hoped you enjoyed your visit to Liberal World, a place where the right kind of diversity is preapproved and liberty is nonexistent.

Notice:  Liberal World is franchising their special kind of governing principles in a neighborhood near you.  Contact your local Democratic Party for details.     

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