Sunday, June 26, 2016

Breaking the Shackles of Bureaucracy

Britons showed incredible courage by voting to get out of the European Union.  They have demonstrated a fundamental truth that people want control of their destiny which can only be accomplished through self-governance.  Nameless, faceless bureaucrats in a foreign capital dictating policy is the antithesis of freedom.  You might as well be a slave.

Politicians find it much easier to schlep their responsibilities onto government bureaucrats.  They can have a pencil pusher rubberstamp their ill-conceived agenda without having to face an irate citizenry.  It’s the perfect foil for unscrupulous characters whose main job is to get reelected.  Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher knew what was going on when she called out the Labor Party as demonstrated in the video below.

We in the United States have a similar problem despite what foolish libtards say.  The Constitution of the United States grants legislative authority only to Congress.  But that body has abrogated its responsibilities to unelected and unaccountable federal bureaucrats.  What is happening in Washington D.C. is a flagrant violation of our social compact.  We are being ruled by an unscrupulous president and his infestation of progressive minions.  Is it any wonder Democrats laugh when we cite the Constitution?

I think all the stuff is largely tongue-in-cheek and the situations aren't AT ALL analogous BUT: what would the vote be?

As of now, Texans are grumbling for secession and who can blame them?  We’re citizens not subjects.  You can bet Washington D.C. sees us as the latter.


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