Saturday, June 25, 2016

Meet an EU Idiot

Meet an EU idiot.  Beverly, like most of her slavish generation, would rather have nameless, faceless, foreign bureaucrats run her life than take responsibility for self-governance. Liberty, after all, is for fascists.

According to Beverly, it was Britons over 75 years of age who voted for Brexit. She would have us believe that 52% of the population is septuagenarians?  Notice the complete lack of respect she has for her elders and the wisdom they’ve procured over the years.  But what do they know?  They’re not Beverly.

Notice she blames Brexit on racism.  Pardon me, but what race is Islam?  I’ve got news for you, Islam is not a race; it’s a political ideology in the guise of a religion. 

I can’t help but laugh at Beverly’s misery.  She, after all, called Americans
a bunch of haters. But if she truly wants to be a citizen of the European Union, she can always move.   
However, this progressive utopia may not last much longer. 

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