Monday, July 4, 2016

Liberals Inundate North Carolina with Campaign Ads

Does anyone remember the not too distant past when progressives lamented the influence of money in our electoral process?  I mean, the very people who bemoaned this untoward practice of outsiders meddling into local campaigns are the same ones funneling money as a means to influence policy in another state.  What a bunch of hypocrites!

North Carolina is a veritable battleground state.  Interest groups from all over the country have decided to put their two cents plus a couple of million dollars into our gubernatorial race.  Most of this money is from liberal organizations.  Here is an excerpt from the News and Observer: 

An estimated $3.7 million from 11 groups has been spent on TV ads highlighting the environment, economy and House Bill 2’s LGBT rights controversy. The center reports the money is coming from the national governors associations, Americans for Prosperity and a North Carolina coalition of environmental groups.

To date, no other state-level race has drawn as many outside spenders.

Candidates, political parties and outside organizations have spent more than $53 million on state-level broadcast TV ads nationally, the Center reports. Outside spending accounts for almost 40 percent of that.

You have to read the front groups that proclaim they’re from North Carolina.  Some of this is truly hilarious such as the N.C. Waste Awareness & Reduction Network which is funded by Ben & Jerry’s Foundation; the rock group Crosby, Stills & Nash and a bunch of weirdoes from a nonprofit called the Guacamole Fund.

This is going to be a long, painful election season.


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