Monday, July 4, 2016

Democrats are the Johnny Appleseeds of Division and Tyranny

Democrats are the Johnny Appleseeds of division and tyranny and they plan on a big harvest in North Carolina.  They believe the Old North State is ripe for the picking.  They have carefully cultivated a hybrid of democrats that are filled with envy, greed, and entitlement.  They call this poisoned fruit, diversity and income inequality.     

This hybrid of ideologies is an invasive species introduced by progressives over a hundred years ago.  If you bare open its contents, this fruit spews out a repugnant odor of executive orders, bureaucratic regulations and mandates, and judicial diktats that counterman our federalist system and republican form of government.
Unfortunately, many of our citizens have gorged themselves on this deadly nightshade, particularly our northeastern brethren.  Many of their unemployed and pensioners seek succor in the South.  Some of these folks are circumspect to their status as economic refugees; others are just a bunch of lip-smacking, teat squawkers demanding “free stuff” from their fellow citizens.  This is the fruit Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama plan on harvesting in the 2016 presidential election.

These two Johnny Dissensionseeds plan on visiting a belladonna grove in Charlotte.  The local pagans have ball-gagged and publicly flogged the Queen City for the whole world to see.  Is it any wonder these two yahoos are coming here to partake in a harvest of corruption and moral turpitude? 


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