Monday, July 4, 2016

Tiny Communist Lectures Americans on Patriotism

Robert Reich, a former Secretary of Labor under the Clinton administration, has a unique outlook on what it means to be a patriot.  This tiny communist believes open borders and coercive tax policies are the epitome of American values.  To him, the American creed is nothing more than a bumper sticker, or a plaque on a statue.

Through most of our history we’ve understood patriotism the first way. We’ve celebrated the values and ideals we share in common: democracy, equal opportunity, freedom, tolerance and generosity.
We’ve recognized these as aspirations to which we recommit ourselves on the Fourth of July.
This inclusive patriotism prides itself on giving hope and refuge to those around the world who are most desperate — as memorialized in Emma Lazarus’ famous lines engraved on the Statue of Liberty: “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”
By contrast, we’re now hearing a strident, exclusive patriotism. It asserts a unique and superior “Americanism” that’s determined to exclude others beyond our borders.

First of all, we have a representative republic.  Second of all, the ideals that made America great are the rule of law, a federalist system that embraces limited government, a common culture and the Christian faith that recognizes our God given rights are inviolable.  Did you notice not one of the aforementioned made it on Mr. Reich’s list? 

Progressives have a knack for bastardizing our language and history.  How many times have people like this guy condemned our founding fathers and subsequent generations for not being inclusive; yet, celebrate a fictional version of our heritage?  You have to laugh at these people!

Mr. Reich also believes the highest form of patriotism is paying taxes to an overbearing and unconstitutional, centralized government.  I wonder if Mr. Reich is aware that it took an amendment to force Americans to pay an income tax and that wasn’t until the 20th Century, and even then they were lied to about it.  The only other time that kind of tax was forced upon the citizenry was during the American Civil War under Lincoln and that was quickly abolished after they conquered the South.

I find it laughable that this Bolshevik has the nerve to lecture us on what it means to be a patriot when he and his ilk sneer at the values that made our country great.


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