Sunday, July 17, 2016

Manifest Diversity Will Destroy Manifest Destiny

We are witnessing the death throes of a great civilization.  The West has been poisoned by a dangerous concoction of socialist utopianism laced with multiculturalism.  The Age of Aquarius generation is coming to terms with a stark reality their ancestors confronted 500 years ago: an Islamic invasion.  The only difference is today’s Europeans invited them in.  What a bunch of fools.

The United States has her own dimwits leading us down a blood-soaked, primrose path.  Our so-called president is seeding our communities with Mohammedan refugees and it’s not altruistic.  This policy, along with open borders, is politically motivated.  It is part of a divide and conquers strategy which pits a third-world underclass against liberty loving Americans.

Progressives have been on a grand jihad to deny our birthright by forcing us to repudiate our heritage.  They demonize our Christian values and excoriate our founding principles that bestowed a federalist system.  Our very existence is an affront to their delicate sensibilities.

The United States, as it exists today, wouldn’t have been possible had our ancestors been this self-loathing.  They viewed western expansion as Providential.  They saw the hand of God working through them as a means to spread democracy and Christianity.  Even skeptics of that day couldn’t deny Manifest Destiny.  Here is an 1846 editorial published in The Harbinger:

There can be no doubt of the design being entertained by the leaders and instigators of this infamous business, to extend the “area of freedom” to the shores of California, by robbing Mexico of another large mass of her territory; and the people are prepared to execute it to the letter.  In many and most aspects in which this plundering aggression is to be viewed it is monstrously iniquitous, but after all it seems to be completing a more universal design of Providence, of extending the power and intelligence of advanced civilized nations over the whole face of the earth, by penetrating into those regions which seem fated to immobility and breaking down the barriers to the future progress of knowledge, of the sciences and arts: and arms seem to be the only means by which this great subversive movement towards unity among nations can be accomplished…In this way Providence is operating on a grand scale to accomplish its designs, making use of instrumentalities ignorant of its purposes, and incited to act by motives the very antipodes of those which the real end in view might be supposed to be connected with or grow out of.

Critics of that time saw Manifest Destiny as a violation of our values, but deemed it inevitable, or should we say, providential.  Here is what an unapologetic advocate had to say about western expansion:

 "Texas has been absorbed into the Union in the inevitable fulfillment of the general law which is rolling our population westward.... It was disintegrated form Mexico in the natural course of events, by a process perfectly legitimate on its own part, blameless on ours.... (its) incorporation into the Union was not only inevitable, but the most natural, right and proper thing in the world.... California will, probably, next fall away from...Mexico.... Imbecile and distracted, Mexico never can exert any real governmental authority over such a country.... The Anglo-Saxon foot is already on its borders. Already the advance guard of the irresistible army of Anglo-Saxon emigration has begun to pour down upon it armed with the plow and the rifle, and markings its trail with schools and colleges, courts and representative halls, mills and meeting houses. A population will soon be in actual occupation of California, over which it will be idle for Mexico to dream of dominion... All this without agency of our government, without responsibility of our people- -in natural flow of events, the spontaneous working of principles, and the adaptation of the tendencies and wants of the human race to the elemental circumstances in the midst of which they find themselves placed."

Today’s democrats are hell bent on reversing Manifest Destiny.  They are guiding the destruction of this great country by erasing our borders and importing a people whose culture and values are antagonistic to ours.  What more proof do you need when Mexican nationals in sanctuary cities run down and beat up American citizens for attending a political rally?  How many Americans have to die at the hands of jihadists over progressive bumper stickers such as “diversity is what makes America great”? 

Manifest diversity will destroy Manifest Destiny; it’s just a matter of time.


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