Monday, July 4, 2016

Obama to Sell Hillary Clinton Snake Oil in Charlotte

The Clinton-Obama road show will slime its way through America’s heartland starting tomorrow.  Criminals Inc. will start their snake oil tour in Charlotte, North Carolina.  The Anointed One will do his best to sell Hillary Clinton’s character which is a monumental task.

 The foe-to-friend story will be at the center of the Obama-Clinton show in Charlotte, North Carolina, aides to both say. In his remarks, the president will act as a character witness for his former secretary of state, who is struggling to convince voters of her trustworthiness and honesty. There is no better politician to testify on her behalf, many Democrats believe, than the man who once counted himself among the Clinton skeptics but came around to be one of her biggest boosters

Obama would be a great character witness for this criminal because he’s one himself.  These two have done irreparable harm to the security of this nation.  Both of them should be tried for treason.  If we had responsible representation in Congress and an unbiased media these two would be sitting behind bars right about now.


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