Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Al Sharpton Stinks Up Essence Festival

I would be embarrassed to have Al Sharpton associated with any cause or event I attended.  Any decent person would stay away from this degenerate race baiter.  However, the sponsors of the Essence Festival don’t have a problem with this repugnant man stinking up their stage. 

Sharpton, the key speaker at Essence Festival in New Orleans this year, proclaimed that Obama’s legacy won’t be leaving the White House if a million new voters register to vote for Clinton in November.

“We will leave New Orleans embarking on a voting rights and voting registration effort,” Sharpton said. “We’re going to register a million new voters to protect the legacy of this president. He may be leaving, but his legacy must be protected.”

What legacy is that?  If they want to protect lawlessness, open borders, an oppressive federal bureaucracy, jihad and a general contempt for the American creed, to each his own.  But don’t expect the rest of us to subscribe to this special brand of self-loathing.


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