Sunday, July 31, 2016

Democratic Party Hollows Out Middle-Class With Trade Agreements

 I moved to North Carolina in the early 90’s right after NAFTA was passed by the Clinton Administration.  Ross Perot’s prophecy soon came to pass: a giant sucking sound of manufacturing headed south to Mexico.  It didn’t take long for the textile and furniture manufacturers to pack their bags.  Middle-class workers found themselves out of a job and their cities turned into ghost towns. 

Liberal rags estimate the number of lost jobs in North Carolina at over 348,000 since the implementation of NAFTA.  Companies such as Dell, Victaulic, Arrow International, and Jobst are scheduled to close their operations and follow suit.

The masterminds in the Clinton Administration assured us that trade would balance out and we would experience growth.  This turned out to be another pie-in-the-sky fabrication.  The U.S. trade imbalance has been steadily negative along with job creation.  The United States as a whole has lost 29 million jobs since the implementation of NAFTA and other disastrous trade deals. 

Common sense dictates that a first-world country cannot compete with third-world hellholes especially when their government nurtures a hostile environment toward private industry.  The Obama administration has created a record amount of regulations.  Last year, the federal registrar recorded 81,611 regulations.  That doesn’t include executive orders and memorandums from a president that looks upon free enterprise as enemy territory.   Federal regulations cost Americans nearly $2 trillion in the cost of goods and services, and that doesn’t include loss of jobs.

The Democratic Party professes its loyalty to the middle-class while hollowing it out.  We’re expected to accept this new normal they’ve created.  You’d think Americans would wake up after awhile.


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