Saturday, January 7, 2017

Trump's Wall is a Monument to Mexico's Failures

Former Mexican president Vincente Fox can’t get over the fact that Donald Trump will become president of the United States.  This failed leader of a failed state doesn’t understand federalism and the basic principles which made his northern neighbor a success despite the failings of progressives like Barack Hussein Obama.

Here is quote from Alexis de Tocqueville on why Mexico was a shithole then and will continue to be a shithole into the future.

The Constitution of the United States is akin to those fine creations of human endeavor which crown their inventors with renown and wealth but remain sterile in other hands.

Contemporary Mexico has illustrated this very thing.

The Mexicans, aiming for a federal system, took the federal constitution of their neighbors, the Anglo-Americans, as their model and copied it almost exactly. But although they transported the letter of the law, they failed to transfer at the same time the spirit which gave it life. As a result, they became tangled endlessly in the machinery of their double system of government. The sovereignty of states and Union entered into a collision course as they exceeded the sphere of influence assigned to them by the constitution. Even today Mexico veers constantly from anarchy to military despotism and back again.

Tocqueville further observes:

To the south, the Union has one point of contact with the Mexican Empire, where one day serious wars may well develop. But for a long time to come the backward state of civilization, the degeneration of its morals, and its extreme poverty will stand in the way of any hope of achieving high status among nations.

But somehow, as it is with libtards that infest the United States, Mexicans like Vincente Fox are incapable of self-reflection and would rather blame their shortcomings on others than rectify the conditions which have rendered their country a third world hellhole.

“Sr Trump, the intelligence report is devastating,” Fox tweeted Friday after news about Russian interference in the presidential election.
“Losing election by more than 3M votes and in addition this. Are you a legitimate president?”
Fox also slammed Trump about his proposed wall across the Mexican border after it was reported that Congress may ask US taxpayers — not Mexico — to foot the bill.
“Trump may ask whoever he wants, but still neither myself nor Mexico are going to pay for his racist monument. Another promise he can’t keep,” Fox said.

“TRUMP, when will you understand that I am not paying for that fu—- wall. Be clear with US tax payers. They will pay for it.”

That wall is a testament to Mexico’s failures and you and your country will pay for it somehow.  There are plenty of ways to make you pay, scumbag.


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