Monday, January 18, 2010


I received a brochure in the mail the other day from Congressman Larry Kissell; in it he boasted the following:


During his First Year in office Congressman Larry Kissell has been able to secure more than $1billion in federal funding for the citizens of the Eighth District.

“Making sure our District is receiving the federal funding we need to create jobs, rebuild infrastructure, protect our teachers and make our communities safe is one of my top priorities. It is important that we continue to make sure your tax dollars are working for you. I am proud to report that we’ve been able to secure more than $1billion for much-needed projects across our 10 counties in the Eighth District.”-Larry Kissell.

Larry Kissell has been in office one year, and he already has found the knack to fleece the taxpayer. His pamphlet outlined the various programs that are funded. Some of these counties got screwed. It seems that Mecklenburg, Anson and Cumberland counties got a huge portion of the largess. If I were a resident of these other counties, I would feel like I got the shaft. I wonder what the criteria Congressman Kissell uses as to who gets what.

Some of these programs are suspect such as:

.Weatherization: $16,300,309
· Energy Conservation: $10,881,300
· Recovery Zone Bonds: $1.7 billion

There are a number of other programs outlined in this pamphlet that are equally questionable.

The Eighth District is fairly conservative. If he has procured this amount of money for his district, I wonder what the other 434 are getting. Can you imagine what Nancy Pelosi has funded?

I wonder if Congressman Kissell knows where this money is coming from. It seems that money grows on trees in Washington D.C.; or trees converted into paper for the treasury to print out as fast as it can.

Hold onto your wallets people, Larry Kissell is coming to town.

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Anonymous said...


Do the taxpayers know they are getting their money back in roads, sewers, fire trucks and stuff?

Gawd, I HATE him. That was DC money! Why should he bring it back? I mean it's not like he's in Congress or anything.