Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Nancy Pelosi and her entourage flew into Detroit, at taxpayers expense, to inspect the new line of vehicles at the annual auto show. Since the United States Government owns 61% of General Motors and 10% of Chrysler; the new owners were treated to a preview.

The plebians have to wait for the official opening, which is January 16.

Pelosi and her fellow statist patted themselves on the back while inspecting the new "green technology" vehicles: the Chevrolet Volt and Chevrolet Cruze. "We've seen ideas turned into policy turned into product," she squealed.

A group of protesters stood outside in the freezing weather. They are not pleased about the government bailouts, and its intrusion into the industry. The Congressional Oversight Panel doubts that the 23 billion of TARP money that was loaned to General Motors and Chrysler will ever be paid.

"It wasn't about lending to automakers; it was about the survival of an industry," Pelosi said, "The survival of the auto industry is essential to a strong industrial, technological and manufacturing base in our country. And that industrial base is essential to our national security."

Now that is rich. Nancy Pelosi concerned about our national security? More like concerned about the union voters who are crucial to the democratic party.

Transportation Secretary Ray Lahood said, "This industry would not be seeing the bright future it's seeing today if it weren't for the governments involvement."

It is the governments involvement that helped to bring about this disaster by imposing costly regulations, stringent labor laws, and high taxes; not to mention bureaucrats who dictate what kind of vehicles the automakers should manufacturer. Afterall, who is more omniscient than a politician?

As Nancy Pelosi braves the cold, Michigan weather from the limosine to her government provided plane, I wonder if she will ponder the folly of the biggest scam perpetuated on the world: man-made global warming. I doubt it. If anything she is scheduling an appointment with her plastic surgeon to correct the wind damage done to her face.

Source: http://www.marketwatch.com/story/us-government-kicks-off-detroit-auto-show-2010-01-11?pagenumber=2

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