Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Earthquake in Massachusetts

I believe the earth shook when Massachusetts voted Scott Brown as its next senator. Already the Dem's are making excuses for their parties loss.

Martha Coakley made many gaffs during her campaign; especially the one where she stated that the famed Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling was a Yankee fan. It is hard to believe that she could have made such a bone headed mistake as that. I have met my share of people from Mass. and everyone of them were die hard Boston Red Sox fans. I might add they were all democrats as well.

Now we can look toward to the fall out. The so-called news agencies such an MSNBC will sick their dogs on Scott Brown and those who voted him into office:

When the republican revolution happened in 1994, the media called the electorate a bunch of cry babies throwing a temper tantrum as demonstrated by Peter Jennings of ABC News. It was the angry white man throwing his ass.

Now today's media, same as the old media, are now calling those who are protesting the outrageous amount of spending and government takeovers as a bunch of "tea baggers". I guess this is some sexual term that the deviants in the democratic party are aware of; unlike the majority of Americans.

It seems Chris Matthews of MNBC has a clue; as demonstrated with this interview with Howard Dean:

Will the democrats finally understand why they lost a senate seat in the bluest of the blue states? I doubt it.

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