Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Jews Under Attack In Sweden

The Jewish population in Malmo, Sweden are under attack by left wing zealots and their accomplices: Muslim immigrants. These groups have physically attacked and harassed a beleaguered minority. It is so bad that Jews have to employ their own security force. Many are leaving for the sanctuary of Israel.

Malmo is a hot bed of discontent. In December of 2008 a group of squatters lived in an office basement of an Islamic cultural center. They were protesting the landlords decision not to renew the lease which they held for 15 years. The results were riots.

The lawless scum attacked the police and first responders with Molotov cocktails and other missiles. The first responders refused to go into the area without a guarantee of safety. Gothenburg and Stockholm sent in relief forces to help their beleaguered colleagues.

How many times have we seen this? France had similar riots. Britain has no-go zones were the indigenous peoples dare not enter. Jews are under assault throughout Europe. And what do they all have in common? Muslim immigrants.

Europeans must stop this self-loathing and stand up to their leaders and the left-wing thugs whose boot are on their collective throats. These Muslim immigrants do not respect your laws, culture or history. Islam means submit and the sooner you figure that out the safer you'll be.


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