Thursday, January 7, 2010


Nicolas Sennels--a psychologist from Copenhagen, Denmark--outlined in an interview the incompatibility of Muslims in western civilizations. I found this interview on a blog called Gates of Vienna:

Ten years ago Mr. Sennels heard an account of four, young Muslim men dragging a woman by the hair through the streets of Copenhagen in order to rape her. No one stopped to help this poor young girl. The crowd just ignored what was happening. This is not an isolated incident. I have read of similar accounts just like this one in other parts of Europe.

WesBlockquotetern Civilization has a serious problem. A native population in decline with a burgeoning immigration of third world miscreants who have no respect for the culture of its host country. These parasites have capitalized on the tolerance and political correctness that is pervasive throughout Europe; and is now spreading through Canada and the United States. These young men see this as weakness, and feel they can commit all sorts of crimes with impunity.

Muslims seem to have a pathological inclination to blame others for the shortcomings of themselves and their culture. Mr Sennels succinctly addresses this:

With this way of thinking you always see ourselves as the victim
and somebody or something outside yourself as the cause of your problems. Bernard Lewis, the famous professor in Islamic history, has observed the same cultural difference. In his words Westerners asks themselves, “What did I do wrong?” and Muslims asks, “Who did this to me?”Therefore many Muslims do not think that they create the problems. And talking about a person’s problems with somebody who thinks that everything is everybody else’s fault is not easy…

How many times have we seen Muslims blame the United States, Israel, and Great Britain for their shortcomings? And how many times have we seen self-loathing Americans blame the attacks of militant Muslims on our foreign policy?

If we are going to be honest with ourselves, we must awaken to the fact that there are inherent differences between peoples and culture that cannot be overcome unless one acculturates to the others ideals and beliefs.

Lets not forget an important precept of the "religion of peace": Islam means submission. And that means you and me.

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