Monday, June 14, 2010

Is Durham, North Carolina a Sanctuary City?

It looks like the left coast isn't the only ones with goofballs in their state. North Carolina has it's share of idiots who also believe in boycotting Arizona. The city council of Durham has scheduled a vote for just such an action on June 21st.

The Human Relations Commission’s chairman, Nathaniel Goetz, told council members events in Arizona have "created an environment of fear and hostility amongst minority communities and anyone of color," nationwide.

"Community groups and Durham’s Police Department have done substantial work in building trusting relationships in our city," he added. "Arizona’s action flies in the face of these efforts, which are vital for not only helping reduce neighborhood crime, but generating positive relations amongst our city’s growing diversity."

So you are concerned about reducing crime? What about the crime of identity theft? Illegals are stealing social security numbers to obtain jobs. How about the theft of taxpayer monies to pay for community services such as education, welfare, and health care? Do you seriously believe that illegals are contributing to the city coffers?

Some members of the Human Relations Council equated Arizona's immigration law to South Africa's apartheid. Really? Talk about hyperbole.

The council members of Durham are willing to put political correctness before citizenship. They are willing to use ethnicity to gain political points from a group of people who don't respect them or their city.

Many of us are tired of sanctuary cities. Maybe the citizens of North Carolina should send a message to Durham. Maybe we should boycott them for wasting our tax dollars on illegal aliens.


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