Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Democrats Embrace Zombie Occupation on Wall Street

The Democratic Party along with its legions of union thugs, propagandist, and bankrollers has embraced the Wall Street Zombie occupation:

Several liberal House lawmakers endorsed the protests Wednesday, and the leaders of the Congressional Progressive Caucus said they had been inspired by demonstrators who have been arrested and pepper sprayed during altercations with police.

“We share the anger and frustration of so many Americans who have seen the enormous toll that an unchecked Wall Street has taken on the overwhelming majority of Americans while benefitting the super wealthy,” Reps. Raul Grijalva (D-Ariz.) and Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) said in a joint statement.

It’s too bad these students (that is what most of them are) haven’t done their homework. Wall Street wasn’t unchecked; if anything they were aided and abetted by Washington D.C. politicians and bureaucrats.

What’s really insulting is that they’re trying to compare these anarchist and revolutionaries to the tea party:

Protest organizers call the rallies a “leaderless resistance movement.” The demonstrators include union workers, college students and groups such as, who are protesting the wealthy “1 percent” represented by Wall Street. A popular sign used by protesters reads, "I'm the 99 percent.”

Some have likened the genesis of the movement to that of a “liberal Tea Party.” Protests mostly have coalesced around the Financial District in New York City but have started to spread to other cities including Washington D.C.

To compare this freeloading riff-raff to the tea party movement is an insult. Not one tea partier was arrested at a rally as opposed to the hundreds of “occupiers”. And it’s safe to say that these astroturfers won’t pick up after themselves when they're finished defiling New York City.

The tea party is a legitimate grassroots movement. When we marched on Washington D.C. we paid our own way to get there. We provided our own food and lodging. The only way students can pay their way is if they're subsidized by mommy and daddy, or organizations funded by the likes of George Soros.

But, the Congressional Progressive Caucus acts as though this is a legitimate movement. Here are some asinine statements by its members:

Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-N.Y.) and Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) also released statements sympathizing with protesters.

“I’m so proud to see the Occupy Wall Street movement standing up to this rampant corporate greed and peacefully participating in our democracy,” Slaughter said.

Kucinich lauded the protesters for “braving the crack-down of local authorities” and exercising “freedom of expression.” He told them in a video statement: “Your presence is making a difference.”

Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.), a leader in both the Congressional Black and Congressional Progressive caucuses, also gave voice to the protesters this week.

"All of us should join that movement," Lee told a liberal crowd gathered in Washington on Tuesday for the Take Back the American Dream conference.

Speaking at the same event, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) endorsed the movement as well.

“We have the crooks on Wall Street, and I use that word advisedly – don't misquote me, the word is crooks – whose greed, whose recklessness, whose illegal behavior caused this terrible recession with so much suffering,” Sanders said Tuesday. “We believe in this country; we love this country; and we will be damned if we're going to see a handful of robber barons control the future of this country.”

Crooks on Wall Street? What about the crooks on the halls of Congress? And that is why the Wall Street Occupiers are nothing more than tools. Tools that are funded by the likes of George Soros and other suspect organizations.


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