Monday, October 10, 2011

Hugo Chavez Concerned over Welfare of Wall Street Occupiers

America’s enemies are siding with the Wall Street Occupiers. Venezuelan thug Hugo Chavez is cheering on the anti-capitalistic malcontents. The Expropriator from Caracas is salivating over the prospect of an American Spring. So, much so that he expressed concerns over the imprisonment of activist:

"This movement of popular outrage is expanding to 10 cities and the repression is horrible, I don't know how many are in prison now," Chavez said in comments at a political meeting in his Caracas presidential palace shown on state TV.

I wonder how many protestors are languishing in a Venezuelan prison for just looking askance at a Chavez mural. And we know how dictators love their murals. But what is really laughable is the audacity of his finger pointing:

"Poverty's growing, the misery is getting worse," he said, referring to the causes of the U.S. protests. "But that empire is still there, still a threat ... (President Barack) Obama is on his way down, for lots of reasons. He was a big fraud."

Here is the result of a Chavez run government:

With inflation rates of food and healthcare around 65%, Chávez has crippled the economy, squandering the proceeds of the largest oil boom since the 1970s. And oil production itself has been steadily declining since 2004, when Chávez consolidated his control over PDVSA, an oil company owned by the state (not the elites) since 1976. According to Opec statistics, Venezuela's shrunken production capacity means that it produces only three-quarters of its quota of 3.3 million barrels a day.

I don’t believe anyone in the United States can claim there is a food shortage. Not yet anyway:

Chávez's economic mismanagement and price-fixing have also resulted in severe food shortages of staples such as milk, eggs, beans and rice, and Soviet-style queues when they are in stock.

Hey Hugo, give Obama a chance. The Environmental Protection Agency is working as fast as they can. It's expropriated!


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