Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Secretary Salazar Wants to Settle Score for Latinos

The Obama administration wants to honor the Latino community with a politically correct designation of historical sites and national parks:

With the nation’s Latino population booming and now the country’s largest minority group, the Obama administration’s top Hispanic official is concerned that the federal government is not giving enough attention to Hispanic history and culture.

Interior Secretary
Ken Salazar in the past year has pushed the National Park Service to identify more sites or properties related to the histories of women and minorities that could be added to the National Register of Historic Places or be preserved as national parks or historic landmarks

“Less than 3 percent of all the national landmarks that we have — the highest designation you can receive as a historic landmark — are designated for women, Latinos, African Americans or other members of minority groups,” Salazar said in a meeting with reporters last week. “That tells you that the score is not even.”

The score is not even? Is this what we’ve come too? Have we become a nation of subset races, and not citizens? Secretary Salazar’s score settling is disconcerting. I have an idea on how to honor the Hispanic community. We can designate 80 square miles of Arizona just south of Phoenix as a Latino National Park. That would be a good excuse to replace the following sign:

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