Saturday, October 1, 2011

Samir Khan Gets His Seventy Virgins

Allah Akbar! Samir Khan, Charlotte’s own propaganda minister for al-Qaida, is dead. May he have his choice of the finest virgins in the afterlife. But considering Mohammad’s sexual appetite, those pickings are probably pretty slim. Can we have a LALALALALLALALLAL? Praise be dead terrorist!

Samir Khan was born in Saudi Arabia. He and his family moved to New York City. They became naturalized citizens and embraced America, except of course for Samir. This is what he had to say about his allegiance to the United States:

“I am a traitor to America, because my religion requires me to be. We pledge to wage jihad for the rest of our lives, until either we implant Islam all over the world or meet our Lord as bearers of Islam.”

It looks like Samir Khan got his wish. Allah Akbar!

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