Saturday, October 8, 2011

Occupiers Infest Charlotte, North Carolina

The anarchist/hippie/communist/freeloader movement known as the Occupiers has descended upon Charlotte, North Carolina. What they want nobody really knows, but according to them they are the 99% who are fed up with the 1%. Isn’t that catchy? This coming from a generation that is easily beguiled by flashy slogans; just look at our president.

The “uptown” crowd, who is obsessed with the Queen City’s world class status, should be pleased that these protestors have targeted the banking capitol of the country. And it looks as though they mean to stay for a long time:

Occupy Wall Street and the groups it has spawned say they are fighting to change a financial and political system that favors the wealthy and powerful.

But today's rally, likely to include picketing, a march to Bank of America headquarters at The Square and organizational efforts, is only the occupation's first act.

A smaller group of protesters plans to occupy the roughly 300-foot-long Trade Street lawn for up to a year.

Exactly how many protesters will remain there is unclear, though organizers said that at least 70 have pledged to do so.

"We're going to make our base right there," said Shope, who helped organize last Saturday's 150-person rally at Marshall Park.

I hope Charlotte’s elite enjoy the smells and sight of shit, piss and refuse all over “uptown”. Maybe someone on the Occupiers committee will have the foresight to rent portable toilets. But I doubt that will happen, they probably think that’s a right too:

According to the group's website, other protest points include "the rights to life, food, and shelter; a government that is fully visible to its people and held accountable for its actions, a free unbiased media that doesn't 'spin' or 'blackout' important stories, an end to the violence and overspending that America has become known for in the Middle East and all over the world."

They want a free unbiased media too? Hey Occupiers, the Charlotte Observer is a few blocks away. Why don’t you go and squat on their front lawn, while you’re at it.

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