Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Charlotte Screws Taxpayers with Electric Car Boondoggle

Obama’s big energy, stimulus boondoggle has made its way to the Queen City. Charlotte, North Carolina received millions in federal grant money for a handful of electric cars, and a couple of charging stations, so the public servants can tout green technology:

The total amount of Charlotte's energy efficiency stimulus grant is $6.78 million. Some of that money will pay for the seven Leaf vehicles, which will be used by Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utilities (one car); engineering (two cars); transportation (two cars); airport (one car); Neighborhood & Business Services (one car).

Rob Phocas, the city's engineering and sustainability manager, said the goal is to have staff members driving them around the city to showcase the technology.

Don’t ever say crony capitalism isn’t alive and well in the Piedmont. Siemens is contracted to build the charging stations that will cater to the very few and proud who own an electric car:

Installation of the charging stations will be paid for by the $215,000 federal grant. Siemens, which has a large turbine factory on Westinghouse Boulevard, will work with the city to install them.

The charging stations should be in place by January.

Never mind that private businesses have built stations on their own. Even the writer of this article acknowledges that Bank of America, Duke Energy, and the Ritz-Carlton have already installed stations; Wells Fargo also plans on building one. But Charlotte just couldn’t resist taking millions of “free money” from the federal government.

Even a RINO was ecstatic over the great, green hoax:

Republican Council member Andy Dulin said he's excited about the technology. He said he wanted the ability to test drive the Leafs to see if they are viable.

"I'm excited about the idea of an electric car," Dulin said.

"I go eight miles to one place, and eight miles back. I'd like the opportunity to drive it and give it a test. I can tell the community about it."

I hope Mr. Andy Dulin tells the taxpayers of the community the price tag of this caper. I doubt they’ll be as excited as their councilman.

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