Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Obama Revels in Same-Sex Marriage Deception

Barack Obama has proclaimed himself a Class A Bullshitter.  We’re not talking about the average, political variety type.  We’re talking about an outright liar who revels in deception.  Democrats seem to think this a resume enhancer.  They marvel at a grafter’s craft of confidence and betrayal.  More importantly, they love it when the trap has been sprung and their victims are left in denial and bewilderment. 

David Axelrod’s new book gives insight on how Barack Obama and his political henchmen schemed against the American people on same-sex marriage.  Time reported the following: 

Axelrod writes that he knew Obama was in favor of same-sex marriages during the first presidential campaign, even as Obama publicly said he only supported civil unions, not full marriages. Axelrod also admits to counseling Obama to conceal that position for political reasons. “Opposition to gay marriage was particularly strong in the black church, and as he ran for higher office, he grudgingly accepted the counsel of more pragmatic folks like me, and modified his position to support civil unions rather than marriage, which he would term a ‘sacred union,’ ” Axelrod writes.

Not only did Obama lie about his position on same-sex marriage, he invoked his Christian beliefs:

As a state senate candidate in 1996, Obama filled out a questionnairesaying “I favor legalizing same-sex marriages, and would fight efforts to prohibit such marriages.” But 12 years later as a candidate for president, Obama told Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church that marriage could only extend to heterosexual couples. “I believe that marriage is the union between a man and a woman,” Obama said at the time. “Now, for me as a Christian — for me — for me as a Christian, it is also a sacred union. God’s in the mix.”

If Barack Obama can easily lie about his position on same-sex marriage, while at the same time invoking his Christian beliefs, isn’t it plausible to question his faith?  Was he lying about that too?  Could Barack Obama in reality be a closet Muslim?  After all, he is very good at bullshitting.


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