Sunday, February 8, 2015

When Progressive Policies Go Bad

If you talk to a socialist and point out all the failures of their ideology, you’ll invariably get, “the right people weren’t in charge,” argument.  I’ve heard it countless times.  The next time I engage a libtard, I’ll be sure to ask for a successful example.  But we all know none exist, and polite conversation will degenerate into recriminations about greedy corporations, the genocide of American Indians, and the Koch brothers.

The only way a libtard can set his mind free from this flawed ideology is for him to live it.  What progressives need is a “come to Venezuelan moment.”  And what better way to do that than showing them what’s in store for their misery-for-all policies?  Here is a testimonial from a Hugo Chavez acolyte:

“I’ve always been a Chavista,” said Ms. Noriega, using a term for a loyal Chávez supporter. But “the other day, I found a Chávez T-shirt I’d kept, and I threw it on the ground and stamped on it, and then I used it to clean the floor. I was so angry. I don’t know if this is his fault or not, but he died and left us here, and things have been going from bad to worse.

The situation has become so dire that Venezuelans are now lining up by the hundreds, often waiting for hours for a chance to buy whatever the grocery store happens to get that day. The NY Times reports that people are not starving, yet, but many have been forced to reduce the amount of meat they eat. Those who used to eat chicken are now eating canned sardines.

On social media, some Venezuelans were using the hashtag#AnaquelesVaciosEnVenezuela, which translates empty shelves in Venezuela. Empty shelves inside and long lines outside have become the norm as these photos collected on Twitter demonstrate.

Show a progressive, Venezuelans baptismal in misery and despair, he’ll ask,
“where did you get that information?”  If you tell him the story originated out of the New York Times, he’ll call it a right-wing rag.  I kid you not. 


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