Wednesday, February 11, 2015

FEC to Harass Conservatives on the Internet

Do we have rogue regulatory agencies?  The answer is an emphatic, yes!  These bureaucracies thumb their noses at the American people and our representatives.  They don't have to go through the legislative process and therefore are unaccountable for passing rules and regulations that have the force of law.  These agencies are making a mockery of our federalist system and our constitutional process.

What is the latest outrage?  The FEC has proposed new rules that would punish political speech on the internet.  The Washington Examiner reported the following:     

Claiming that thousands of public comments condemning “dark money” in politics can’t be ignored, the Democrat-chaired Federal Election Commission on Wednesday appeared ready to open the door to new regulations on donors, bloggers and others who use the Internet to influence policy and campaigns.

During a broad FEC hearing to discuss a recent Supreme Court decision that eliminated some donor limits, proponents encouraged the agency to draw up new funding disclosure rules and require even third-party internet-based groups to reveal donors, a move that would extinguish a 2006 decision to keep the agency’s hands off the Internet.

So let’s get this straight.  The FEC can draw up rules without the consent of Congress and in direct defiance of a Supreme Court ruling, not to mention violate the tenets of the First Amendment.  They can do this because 32,000 liberal activists demanded the FEC do something about “dark money.”

Let’s face it.   Liberals want to silence conservative bloggers and news aggregators, and they don’t care how it’s done.


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