Saturday, February 7, 2015

Chinese Immigrant on the Necessity of an Armed Citizenry

How important is gun rights and the ability to defend oneself from predators and an abusive government?  Listen to an American citizen who escaped from communist China and you’ll get an idea. 

Lily Tang Williams immigrated to the United States at age 24.  She testified before the Colorado State Legislature on the necessity of an armed citizenry.  Here is an excerpt:

Why do you limit our fire arms only have 15 round magazines? Do the criminals limit theirs? Does the government limit theirs? If we use our guns primarily for self defense, I need as many magazines as needed to defend my family and myself because I am a bad shot. It seems not fair at all to limit law abiding citizens’ ability for self defense. What if the shop owners only could fire 15 times during the famous LA riot? What if the home owners ran out of the bullets during the looting after the Hurricane Katrina? What happens to the ranchers near the border have to face a big group of drug cartels who threat them? How about the famous cases of our government gone wild: Ruby Ridge, Waco Texas, Athens Tennessee – a small town in the U.S.A at the end of the World War Two, where the local dictators wanted to highjack the election results with their guns, local residents organized and armed themselves to take their town back.

I came to the U.S. for freedom, including the freedom granted by the 2nd amendment: the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. When I held my own gun for the first time in my life in this country, I felt empowered and for the first time, I felt free.

Here is the full transcript:

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