Saturday, February 7, 2015

Our Shared American Values?

Whenever a democrat lectures an American on our “shared values,” I get a little nervous.  Is that a pejorative to them?  Are they mocking us?  Or, are they trying to mask their true intention, which ends in loss of liberty and property.  Usually, it’s the latter.

The Democratic Party’s ideology is contrary to the America ideal. They constantly scheme to undermine self-determination and limited government, and they do it under the guise of “shared values,” usually couched in a way to engender a common goal that justifies ends to a nebulous means.  Here is a perfect example of high rhetoric employed by progressives:

So what is our "shared values"?

Could it be family?

Well, Democrats seem to believe the ideal family unit is a single mother.  They praise, pander and indeed subsidize generations of them.  The centerpiece of Obama’s reelection campaign was the supposed “republican war on women.”  I contend the real war on women is conducted by Democrats who want to make them dependent.  Nothing says daddy like a federal government bureaucrat.

How about life?

Surely, everyone values the sanctity of life?  Not so much.  Democrats don’t see a viable fetus as a member of society that needs to be nurtured and protected.  No.  A fetus is a womb occupier; a mass of tissue much like a cancerous lesion, or a parasite sucking the life force out of its host.  And they demand Americans pay for abortion mills like Planned Parenthood by confiscating our hard earned money.  However, cop killers on death row are victims of society.  These innocents are misunderstood and entitled to our sympathy.

Surely, Democrats value hard work and entrepreneurship?

Again, you would be wrong.  Obama’s Department of Labor banned kids from working on farms.  Many of us learned the value of a dollar and a good work ethic at a young age by working on farms.  This administration is methodically cultivating a generation of indolence and entitlement.  Over 46 million Americans are on food stamps.  Work is not a priority in the Age of Obama.

Oh, and you didn’t build that!  That small business of yours couldn’t have happened if it weren’t for a federal bureaucrat holding your hand.  That is the Democratic meme.  What is really happening is the death spiral of small businesses under the Obama regime.  More businesses are closing than starting up.  The last time this happened was 35 years ago.  The real meme should be:  you didn’t destroy your business, it couldn’t have happened without the Democratic Party.

National security and the value of citizenship is an uncompromised value?

The Obama administration allowed millions of third-worlders to invade our country.  Evidence demonstrates his administration instigated this mass of humanity from Central America.  Now they, and their fellow colonizers who preceded them, have been granted temporary amnesty and are entitled to most benefits and privileges due a citizen.  Is devaluation of citizenship a “shared value”?  I hope not.

As far as national security, James Woods summed it up in a tweet:

Shared values my ass.                

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