Monday, February 16, 2015

European Leaders in Full Blown Anti-Semitism Denial

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu called for European Jews to come home after numerous attacks and murders committed by Middle-Eastern immigrants whose anti-Semitism is part of their “religion.”    And as you can expect, European leaders deny Jews are in danger.  The Guardian reported the following:

The French president, François Hollande, insisted on Monday that he would not allow people to believe that “Jews no longer have a place in Europe” . “Jews have their place in Europe and, in particular, in France,” he said.

The German chancellor, Angela Merkel, said her government would do everything possible to make sure Jewish sites were secure. “We are glad and thankful that there is Jewish life in Germany again,” Merkel said in Berlin. “And we would like to continue living well together with the Jews who are in Germany today.”

Denmark’s chief rabbi, Jair Melchior, said he was disappointed by Netanyahu’s remarks. He said on Sunday: “Terror is not a reason to move to Israel.

“People from Denmark move to Israel because they love Israel, because of Zionism but not because of terrorism. If the way we deal with terror is to run somewhere else, we should all run to a deserted island.”

His comments were echoed on Monday by Denmark’s ambassador to Israel, Jesper Vahr. “The Danish Jews’ solution is not to leave the country and, as our prime minister said, the attack on the Jewish community in Copenhagen is an attack on all the citizens of Denmark.

“I don’t think the solution is to leave. We consider the Jewish community to be an integral part of Danish society, and we will do everything so that it feels safe. This is an attack on all the citizens of Denmark.

These people are in denial.  A Jew can’t even walk a Parisian street without being harassed.  Zvika Klein demonstrated that in his video:  10 hours of walking in Paris as a Jew.

Here is an excerpt from the Blaze on his harrowing experience:

Klein and his crew later walked through “mostly Muslim neighborhoods” and the presence of a “Jew” was reportedly met with stunning anti-Semitism.

At one point, Klein claims a little boy saw them and asked his mother, “What is he doing here, Mommy? Doesn’t he know he will be killed?”

Concluding his account of the experiment, Klein wrote: “Is this what life is like for Paris’ Jews? Is this what a Jew goes through, day in and day out, while walking to work or using public transportation? The majority of French Jews do not flaunt their religion, as the Jewish community leaders have urged them to wear hats as they walk to and from work, or go bareheaded. But what about nighttime? Well, Jews prefers to stay inside in the evening. It is safer at home.”


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