Saturday, February 7, 2015

British Jews Flee Anti-Semitism in U.K.

‘Never again.’  You would have thought after the horrors of World War II and the Holocaust, Jews could live without fear of being murdered in the streets.  But once again, anti-Semitism has raised its ugly head in Europe.  This new wave of hatred is due, in part, to a flood of Muslim immigrants.  Even the U.K. isn’t safe anymore.

A British family is fleeing to the United States.  The Gould family no longer feels safe in a country that has been home for four generations.  The rise of anti-Semitism is palpable and very real.  The U.K. Telegraph reported the following:

London and Greater Manchester bore the brunt of the increase, with Manchester seeing a 79 per cent rise. One incident cited in the report involved the daubing of swastikas and the term “Jewish slag” on gravestones at a Jewish cemetery in Manchester. Greater Manchester Police says it has stepped up patrols.

The findings are borne out by the Goulds’ experience. “The other week, I was standing in the queue at a large supermarket in Manchester when the man in front of me said, 'F------ Jews, they’re all over the place. They’re thieves, they are taking over our property. They’re everywhere,’ ” says Honey. “I’ve no idea if he knew I was Jewish or not, but I was absolutely terrified, and fled.”

Then a Jewish neighbour’s son who was wearing his kippa (skull cap) was slapped in the street by a white Polish man, who “just sprang forward and hit him”.

Honey says: “I know there are plenty of people who simply want to live a peaceful coexistence. But there is so much anti‑Semitism in Britain, and it’s coming from all sides. Our local Jewish schools look like prison camps. They’re surrounded by wire fences. There are guards on patrol, some with dogs. On Saturdays, you see police walking the street with members of the CST. I don’t want to sit at home panicking when my husband goes to the synagogue. I just want to live in peace.

The handwriting is on the wall. 

“I am the fourth generation of Jew in my family to live in Britain,” he says. “Britain offered a safe haven, a chance for them to raise a family, build a home. I am eternally grateful for the refuge Britain and its government has given to the Jews. But I can’t help feeling that the future is no longer here. The grandfather of one Jewish friend said 'It’s time to leave when you are no longer free to sit on a park bench’. I think that time is fast approaching. I’m leaving before I’m told that I have to go.”

We just commemorated the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz.  Have we learned nothing?  Shame on the world for this irrational hatred.  Shame on Europe and the U.K. for allowing this to happen.


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