Sunday, February 15, 2015

Liberal Bigots Equate N.C. Voter ID to Post Civil War Occupation

Leave it to the Charlotte Observer to publish hyperbolic hogwash and a bastardization of history by agents of progressivism.  This Sunday’s funnies weren’t in the cartoon section where it should have been; instead, it was in the opinion pages.

Christopher Gergen and Stephen Martin inked out an op-ed entitled, “The Civil War and N.C. 2015,” warning North Carolinians of the precarious position minorities are in when Conservatives hold the reins of power.  They equated today’s voter ID laws to blacks being terrorized by the KKK during Reconstruction.  They went so far as to quote the “independent” U.S. Government Accountability Office that found blacks are the one minority group most impacted.

Does anyone still believe federal government agencies are disinterested and independent?  I laughed out loud when I read that.  As a matter of fact, liberal hysteria over disenfranchisement of black voters was proven just that: hysteria.  Tennessee implemented this common sense law before the 2012 elections.  The Heritage Foundation reported:

Black and Hispanic Turnout

In 2008, according to the Census Bureau, 60.8 percent of the black VAP voted in the general election, and 31.6 percent of the Hispanic VAP voted nationwide. In Tennessee, African American VAP turnout was 58.1 percent, and Hispanic VAP turnout was 19.2 percent.[14] Since white VAP turnout was only 53.7 percent, blacks voted at a higher rate than whites by slightly more than 4 percentage points.

In 2012, the national voter turnout of the African American VAP increased to 62 percent. Hispanic VAP turnout jumped modestly to 31.8 percent. Just as in 2008, African American voter turnout in Tennessee (57.4 percent) was below the national turnout rate. However, this result was a mere 0.7 percentage point decrease from 2008 and fell within the margin of error for the Census survey, so essentially there was no difference. Black Tennesseans still outvoted whites by 4 percentage points in 2012, since the white voting rate was only 53.4 percent.

Thus, even with a new photo ID requirement in place for the first time, blacks still voted at a higher rate than whites. Hispanic VAP turnout in Tennessee saw a huge increase in turnout in 2012, with 34.7 percent showing up to vote, nearly doubling turnout from 2008.

These two “concerned" writers were also dishonest on another sad chapter in North Carolina history.  Here is an excerpt from their op-ed:

They should study North Carolina’s Reconstruction era following the Civil War. With the KKK terrorizing blacks and their supporters in the late 1860’s, N.C. Governor William Woods Holden sent state troops into Alamance and Caswell counties to restore order.  Conservatives later got their revenge by impeaching Holden for illegally declaring martial law – making him the first governor in the U.S. to be impeached and removed from office.

Yes, Governor Holden was impeached for illegally declaring martial law.  He was also impeached for terrorizing disenfranchised North Carolinians.  Mind you, Holden was initially appointed by President Andrew Johnson as an occupational, provincial governor.

Holden’s political enemies brought forth eight charges.  Two charges were that Holden acted illegally by sending troops into Alamance and Caldwell counties when each county’s government remained in control.   Accusers also charged Holden with two counts of illegally arresting two men (Josiah Turner and John Kerr).   According to the prosecution, Holden also twice suspended the writ of habeas corpus when arresting the men.  Two other charges were that Holden refused to follow state laws when raising troops and acted illegally when paying troops. In essence, according to historian William S. Powell, Conservatives, under the leadership of Frederick N. Strudwick, charged Holden with “declaring martial law; unlawfully raising troops; illegally declaring counties to be in a state of insurrection; illegally arresting . . . citizens; . . . seizing, detaining, imprisoning, and depriving those citizens of their liberty and privileges as freemen; and . . . refusing to obey a writ of habeas corpus.

Liberals would have us believe there is a white sheet and hood in every conservative closet.  Those ghosts simply don’t exist, and if they do, they’re an insignificant minority.  However, I’ve yet to run into a liberal who wasn’t a bigot.


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