Friday, October 21, 2016

A Message to the Never Trumpers

I understand why some conservatives are opposed to a Donald Trump presidency.    I’m not thrilled that this man won the Republican nomination.  My guy was Ted Cruz.  Needless to say, I was shocked and disappointed that the South overwhelmingly voted for Trump.  We had a chance to put a real conservative in office and failed.  However, I’m not going to tacitly sit home and watch Hillary Clinton win this election because of pride.  This woman is an outright criminal and my opposition to her outweighs any reservations I have about Trump.

The acrimony directed at Donald Trump by self-proclaimed conservatives is truly astonishing considering the alternative.  Some are more thoughtful in their opposition such as the signatories of Orginalists Against Trump.  Here are their bullet points.

The President must take care that the laws be faithfully executed; he admires dictators as above the law.

The President must serve as Commander in Chief, enforcing rules for the government and regulation of the land and naval forces; he praises armed repression and makes light of the laws of war.

The President must hold a public trust on behalf of all Americans; he courts those who would deny to others the equal protection of the laws.

The President must preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution; he has treated the legal system as a tool for arbitrary and discriminatory ends, especially against those who criticize him or his policies.

These people act as though Trump were president these past eight years.  In the meantime, Barack Obama acted like a dictator; he has used the tools of government to repress opposition and denied equal protection of the law to subset groups his party disagreed with.  My question is, where in the hell have these people been these past eight years?!  Better yet, do they think Hillary Clinton will be better?  Here is their weak justification.

We are under no illusions about the choices posed by this election—or about whether Hillary Clinton, were she elected, would be any friend to originalism. Yet our country’s commitment to its Constitution is not so fragile that it can be undone by a single administration or a single court. Originalism has faced setbacks before; it has recovered. Whoever wins in November, it will do so again.
Originalism is a commitment to the Constitution, not to any one political party. And not every person who professes support for originalism is therefore prepared to be President. We happen to see Trump as uniquely unsuited to the office, and we will not be voting for him.
Originalism was undone by the Progressive Movement over a hundred years ago and both political parties are responsible for it.  Our country’s commitment to the Constitution was destroyed when Congress relegated itself as mere overseers to a pseudo-legislative bureaucracy. 
As far as I’m concerned, anyone who believes Washington D.C. is committed to the Constitution of the United States is delusional.  These so-called public servants become oath breakers the moment they take their hand off the Bible.  It is time to accept the fact we are in a post-constitutional America.    
Here is my message to the Never Trumpers: I will vote for Donald Trump simply because everyone is against him.  This man will not get away with starting wars, breaking laws or punishing his political opponents for that very reason.  Can anyone say the same about Hillary Clinton? 

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