Sunday, October 9, 2016

October Surprise: Donald Trump is a Man!

How can anyone bear to watch cable news or read a paper these days?  It’s as though we’ve fallen through the looking glass and are living in an alternative universe.  Liberals are making a mockery of common sense and normality.  They’ve turned this country into a psycho ward. 

Red queens are ruling more than bathrooms.  These totalitarians are yelling, “Off with their balls!”  Men can’t be men anymore even when bantering in a private conversation.  When I heard Donald Trump’s remarks about beautiful women and the pursuant outrage by the usual suspects, I knew right then the news cycle would be filled with this nonsense.  So, I turned it off.  I’ve had enough of gender shaming.

It’s hard to believe in little more than a generation, men who admired Evel Knievel have been turned into pajama boys.

So, this election cycles October surprise is: Donald Trump is a man!  Let the shaming begin.  

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