Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Central Planners Depend Upon Force to Ensure Failure

How many licks does it take for a liberal to call a failed government program a failure?  The answer is never!  These central planners are incapable of introspection.  They see things as they want to see it and the hell with everyone else.  This so-called Affordable Care Act is a centerpiece of Progressive willfulness.

States are witnessing a mass exodus of insurance companies that will no longer participate in this Obamacare fiasco.  North Carolina is no different.  As of now only Blue Cross and Blue Shield service all 100 counties.  Cigna is an option in five counties in the Raleigh area.  That’s it!  This year we received a 32% rate increase with an additional 24.3% scheduled for next year.  Genius!  All hail the master planners!

You would think that progressives would take stock in this massive failure and rethink this top-down, un-American policy.  But that would take a giant leap of faith that these people know what it means to be an American.  We have to remind ourselves that these people are central planners.   There are no limitations to their machinations and we have no say.

The News and Observer’s editorial board sees success where there is failure.  They believe the ACA just needs some tweaking and a little force by big brother:

BCBS also has the problem of the other companies’ withdrawal to deal with. The customers of those companies, some 260,000 of them, will now have to come to Blue Cross, and a good many of those customers may have significant and costly medical issues to deal with. That’s no small challenge for BCBS or any other insurance company.

This is one aspect of the ACA — which required most people to get insurance or pay a penalty — that is an ongoing problem. Without younger, healthier customers enrolled, customers who don’t need to make claims, insurance companies are crunched by increasing claims from older, sicker customers. Not enough of those younger people are signing up.

And unfortunately, given the partisan divide in Congress, it’s virtually impossible to “tweak” the ACA — to prevent companies from pulling out of a market, to strengthen the requirements for everyone to have health insurance, to bolster subsidies — because Republicans in Congress just want to kill the program outright.

Have you noticed federal government programs are dependent upon force?  Does that sound American to you?  It doesn’t to me.


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