Friday, October 21, 2016

Professor Disputes Forecast of Hillary Clinton Victory

Hold the polls!  This election isn’t necessarily in the bag for Hillary Clinton as the media would have us believe.  A professor has modeled this cycle and according to him Donald Trump will end up being the victor.

Helmut Norpoth has been predicting a Trump victory since early this year. His model currently projects a win for the Republican with a certainty of 87 to 99 percent.
Norpoth is a professor at Stony Brook University on Long Island.
That flies in the face of just about every other major election forecast out there, which mostly give an edge to Democrat Hillary Clinton, notes the Daily Mail.
Norpoth wrote in The Hill that although the race looks decided, current polling methods are "bunk."
The projections for Clinton are all based on opinion polls, which are flawed because they don't reflect actions, Norpoth wrote. They're about what voters think of Clinton or Trump, but they can't tell us exactly how voters will act on those thoughts.

If Trump wins this will be one of the biggest in your face moments in America history.  The media, Progressives and more importantly establishment Republicans will actually feel “the burn” of repudiation.  The moaning and wailing will be monumental.


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