Sunday, October 23, 2016

Charlotte Observer's Anti-Freedom, Pro-Socialism Endorsements

If you need a check list on who not to vote for, the Charlotte Observer published their endorsements.  Here is their anti-freedom, pro-socialism ticket:

President: Hillary Clinton
U.S. Senate: Deborah Ross
U.S. House 9th and 12th Districts: Christian Cano and Alma Adams
Governor: Roy Cooper
Lieutenant Governor: Linda Coleman
Attorney General: Josh Stein
State Auditor: Beth Wood
Commissioner of Labor: Charles Meeker
Secretary of State: Elaine Marshall
State Treasurer: Dale Folwell
State Senate: Jeff Jackson, Joel Ford, Lloyd Scher, Joyce Waddell, Jeff Tarte
Mecklenburg County commissioner at-large and District 5: Pat Cotham, Trevor Fuller, Jeremy Brasch and Matthew Ridenhour
Bonds: Yes
Mecklenburg District Court: Christy Mann, David Strickland and Tracy Hewett

There are a few caveats.  I guess the Disturber didn’t want to look like complete Democratic Party hacks, they endorsed a couple of Republicans: Jeremy Brasch, Matthew Ridenhour and David Strickland. 


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