Monday, October 3, 2016

The Federal Government Has Not Yet Conquered the American People

What does it mean to be an American?  I believe if you asked that question to a modern day citizen he would be perplexed.  Most wouldn’t know what to say.  Some would be scared and decry that you’re violating their safe space.  I’ve come to the conclusion that we have a serious indentify crisis.

Last week’s presidential debate is indicative of how far we’ve fallen as a people.  No longer do we contemplate the Constitution of the United States and the principles for which we stand.  Instead, we have central planners proposing government solutions, usually for problems they caused, by pandering to the wants of others.


Free stuff is not an American ideal.  However, that seems to be the prevailing sentiment in the Age of Obama.  That kind of attitude is sentient with the seven deadly sins which undermines self-respect and community spirit. 

 There is such a thing as American exceptionalism despite what Democrats say.  Alexis de Tocqueville stated the following:

In America, not only do institutions belong to the community but also they are kept alive and supported by a community spirit.

The New England township possesses two advantages which strongly arouse the interest of men, namely independence and authority. Its sphere of action is indeed restricted but, within that sphere, its movements are unlimited. This independence alone guarantees it real importance even though its populations and size would not warrant it.

It is best to realize that men’s affections, in general, come down on the side of authority. Patriotism does not long prevail in a conquered nation. The inhabitant of New England is devoted to his township, not because he was born there as much as because he views the township as a strong, free social body of which he is part and which merits the care he devotes to its management.

In Europe, governments often bewail the absence of this community spirit, for everyone agrees that it is an ingredient in public order and tranquility, even though they do not know how to create it. By making the township strong and independent, they are afraid they might disintegrate the social fabric and expose the state to the forces of anarchy. Once you remove the strength and independence of the township, you will reduce the citizens to administrative units.

Democrats have reduced local communities and states to administrative units.  These central planners demand our undying loyalty while undermining the institutions that made this country great.  Our patriotism is not to the Federal Government of America.  We are not yet a conquered people.


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