Sunday, October 23, 2016

Since When Do Democrats Accept Election Results?

Hypocrites!  That moniker should be emblazoned on the masthead of the Charlotte Observer.  These scoundrels dare to criticize Donald Trump and his supporters for hinting that they will not accept election results when they do it all the time? 

How many times have Democrats sued over referendum results or legislation to which they disagree?  They don’t accept anything; yet, they want conservatives to shut their mouths and bend over and grab their ankles.

Did the Observer and the Democratic Party accept a referendum vote that banned same-sex marriage?  This constitutional amendment was overwhelmingly approved by over 61% of the electorate.  However, liberals didn’t accept the election results and sought progressive jurists who would overturn it.  It doesn’t end there.

Did the Observer and their Democratic Party overlords accept the election results when republicans decided to clean up our voter rolls and implement common sense Voter ID laws?  Of course not!  They went to the courts and had that legislation overturned. 

Did the Observer and their Democratic Party masters accept new voting districts after the Republicans won a landslide victory at the polls?  Of course not!  They went to the courts and forced the General Assembly to redraw the very districts Obama’s Justice Department preapproved.

I could go on and on about how Democrats refuse to accept election results and the subsequent legislation that North Carolinians voted for through their elected representatives. 

The Charlotte Observer and their Democratic Party scumbags love to lecture us on democracy as long as it comports with their ideology.  But in reality they are totalitarians that will use any means to subvert the will of the people.    


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