Sunday, June 2, 2013

Presidents Set the Tone for Federal Bureaucracies

A president sets the tone for the federal government.  His policies and attitude permeates through the ranks of the bureaucracies.  And what best represents a president’s agenda?  Why, it’s those who visit the Oval Office the most.
Calvin Coolidge is a good example of a president setting an agenda.  Silent Cal was a fiscally responsible man, and that attitude was reflected through the general government.  His main goal was to reduce spending and expand the economy.  He and his budget director introduced the “Two Percent Club,” for departments that cut their budget by that much.  They were so successful; later on they had to implement a “One Percent Club,” because they couldn’t cut anymore.

The two people who had the most visits to the White House during Coolidge’s tenure were the budget director and the treasury secretary.  Now contrast that with Barack Obama.  The man with the most visitations was the commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service.  That kind of attitude is what set the tone for the Obama administration. 


The federal bureaucracies had their marching orders, and that was to harass and intimidate citizens who opposed his administration.  Another irredeemable quality is no one in this administration will admit to know what in the hell is going on in their own departments, or take any responsibility.  We’ve consistently witnessed this incompetence time after time, after time.  Couple that with their, “I’m untouchable” arrogance, and we are beginning to witness a totalitarian system no one can control.  And what message are they conveying?  Woe to anyone who opposes them.

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