Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sen. Kay Hagan Will Vote for Amnesty Bill

Senator Kay Hagan announced that she will stab the citizens of North Carolina in the back.  She will vote for Simpson-Mazzoli II.   According to this amnesty maven, the Senate bill will be an economic boon for the country and helps strengthen our borders.

“I’m ready to support a common-sense bill that’s going to fix our broken immigration system so that everybody plays by the same rules today,” the first-term Democrat said. “After listening to a wide variety of stakeholders throughout North Carolina, it’s clear to me supporting bill is the right decision for North Carolina.”

The immigration bill was introduced by a so-called Gang of Eight Republican and Democratic senators who were trying to find a solution to the nation’s immigration problems. It’s expected to pass the Senate on Thursday and has White House support. But it faces obstacles in the Republican-controlled House of Representatives, where many GOP lawmakers oppose it.

Hagan said an amendment the Senate passed 69-29 on Wednesday to strengthen border security was an important part of what persuaded her to support the bill. It spends $46 billion for 20,000 additional border agents and 700 miles more of fence on the U.S.-Mexico border. The plan also pays for additional cameras, drones and other surveillance equipment.

 My God!  Does she take us for fools?  We passed a law back in 2006 mandating a border fence.  Did it get built?  Hell no!  We have a commander-in-chief that doesn’t even bother to enforce current immigration laws!  Does she believe he’ll have a change of heart?

What is really astonishing is she believes amnesty is going to help the economy.  How does saturating the country with low-skilled workers in an economy where the real unemployment rate is over 11% going to help?  These people won’t make enough money to pay federal income taxes.  If anything they’ll be on the public dole.

What’s that?  The bill specifically states that illegals aren’t eligible for public assistance.  Well, that’s exactly what Simpson-Mazzoli stated in 1986.  How did that work out?  Not too good!

I have come to the point, where I do not trust this government, or those who supposedly represent us.  We have to fundamentally change this country.  We need a decentralization of power from Washington D.C. We have to get back to our founding principles.

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