Monday, June 10, 2013

Teat Squawkers Infest Raleigh on "Moral" Mondays

Mondays have become a designated day for libtards in Raleigh, North Carolina.  These protestors have deemed it “Moral Monday.”  The common theme is every government program is virtuous, whereas those who pay taxes and provide jobs are a bunch of greedy bastards.
These teat squawkers want an expansion of Medicaid, unending unemployment benefits, taxpayer funded abortions, “free” daycare, and you can probably throw in amnesty for illegal aliens.  What they don’t want is voter ID, school vouchers, a reduction in the estate tax, and cuts from a bloated state university system.

I have a question.  Since when did a wastrel become moral?  When did imprisoning your fellow citizens to a life of government handouts become moral?  When did subjecting your neighbors’ children to a substandard education become moral?  When did confiscating the property of others become moral?  I don’t consider any of that moral.  I don’t even consider that American.
North Carolina republicans are addressing these issues.  A better tax climate would attract businesses to the state, along with paying down the$2 billion owed to the federal government for paid out unemployment benefits.  This debt is a tax on businesses and discourages hiring in an already uncertain and hostile environment.

As for education, the republicans in the House have introduced a voucher system for poor families.  They are also addressing the cost of a college education.  Last year, a survey reported that 52% of NC students entering two-year colleges had to take remedial classes.  Here is the GOP solution, as reported by the News Observer:
The House budget includes a plan to begin offering taxpayer money to low-income families next year to pay children’s private school tuition. The House also restores class-size limits for public school in kindergarten through third grades, a policy the Senate budget abolishes.
In higher education, the House wants to divert some of the least qualified UNC system freshmen to community colleges beginning in 2014.
The diversion plan, called the N.C. Guaranteed Admission Program, would have students attend a community college for two years and be guaranteed admission as a transfer student to the original UNC campus they had planned to attend. The budget plan subtracts almost $13 million from the UNC system in 2014-15 for the program, and adds $4 million to the community college system

North Carolina republicans are trying to rid us of a Depression Era tax system that has rendered the state the highest taxed in the southeast.  The teat squawkers that gather in Raleigh on Mondays are for the status quo, along with the lapdog media that heralds their protest.


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