Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Since When Did Poverty Become a Virtue?

Democrats and their enablers in the mainstream media would have us believe poverty is a virtue that needs to be culled and caressed.  Productive citizens are to be shamed.  Businesses are to be blamed.  Somehow, it’s everyone else’s fault that we have generational welfare, except of course the Democratic Party’s failed policies and their teat squawking constituents, whom dangle from the government udder.

Welfare should not be an ambition.  It should be a last resort; not a lifestyle.  There are many forms of graft.  Scamming government programs is one.  Enslaving a portion of the citizenry to a life of subservience is another.  This symbiotic relationship of the poor and the Democratic Party is a contagion that consumes prosperity and a good work ethic.  They are dependent on the goodwill of others.  And those who refuse to accommodate their voracious greed will fall prey to their enforcers through legalized theft.

President Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society is a perfect example of a big government lie.  Poverty was already in decline when he made his proposals.  But an end to poverty was not the goal.  No, it was to establish a Democratic apparatus that would become “problem solvers” for a multi-layered constituency dependent upon centralized planning and concentration of power.  A Democrat’s wet dream. 

The War on Poverty is a great fraud.  Trillions of dollars of confiscated wealth have gotten us nowhere.  Poverty is just as prevalent today as it was in the 60’s.  Some would say it’s just as bad.  And still we have poverty pimps wanting to expand the dependency class.  And somehow they consider this a “Christian” thing to do.   

There is hope.  Recently, a Louisiana state senator renounced his Democratic affiliation, and became a Republican.  Here is his testimonial:


Amen to that.


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