Sunday, June 2, 2013

Courage, New Hampshire

Last week, I happened upon a television series on the INSP channel.  The name of the show is Courage, New Hampshire.  Granted it lasted only four days.  Hopefully, they’ll continue to produce more episodes.  Here is a brief description. 
In 1770 America, family-man, tavern-keeper and local Justice of the Peace, Silas Rhodes strives to balance home, business and politics. Together with British deserter Bob Wheedle, they do their best to fight back against the growing tyranny of the British King.  The two men lead a band of ordinary men who are secretive soldiers known as the “Sons of Liberty.” With brave acts of midnight justice against local British officials, they battle the bondage of the King’s oppressive laws in the pre-revolutionary township of Courage, New Hampshire.

This powerful drama depicts daily life for families, tradesmen and British officials living in this early American township during the turmoil just before the Revolutionary War. The people, politics and intrigue of the time are presented with historical detail, bringing this significant period in America to vibrant life once more.

 Without a doubt, many viewers can relate to the arbitrary injustices inflicted on the populace by government agents.  If it were not for the period costumes and rustic scenery, you’d think it a modern day tale, especially in the Age of Obama.

 During the beginning of the second episode, I thought I spotted Andrew Breitbart.  And to confirm my suspicions I found the following YouTube video:

Maybe we can expect more Courage, New Hampshire episodes.  That is if the IRS didn’t order them to stop producing subversive material.

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