Monday, June 24, 2013

The Eternal Sunshine of an Eclipsed Liberal Mind

A famous radio talk show host has frequently stated that it’s easy being a liberal.  You don’t have to defend your policies when it’s based on feelings.  Occasionally, one will come up with solutions, but as usual, their thought processes are flawed.  The Charlotte Observer frequently demonstrates this sunshine of the eclipsed mind. 

Last Friday, the Disturber featured a special by a volunteer at an agency that helps homeless families.  His article was filled with stories of the unfortunate, and of course we can all commiserate, but the solutions he proposed are contributing factors to poverty and a declining middle class.  Here is an excerpt:

What can be done?

Key factors of homelessness are lack of education, lack of skills training, lack of affordable healthcare, unmanageable family size, a limited network of friends/ family, too much debt and a low minimum wage. We need to continue and increase funding in our community college programs to enable homeless adults to get GEDs, develop skills and go to college. We need to identify and keep homeless kids in schools.

We need to increase the minimum wage; low-wage jobs perpetuate poverty. A living wage for one person in Charlotte is $9.67 an hour and the living wage for a mother with one child is $17.68 an hour. We need to connect people with better job opportunities. We need to continue forward with the Affordable Care Act, and the states who have not expanded Medicaid need to do so. And, we need to make birth control and education more accessible to manage family sizes.

We need to help people climb the ladders out of poverty. Don’t do for them what they can do for themselves, unless it is truly an emergency such as the family has been evicted. Once the emergency subsides, help them climb a ladder.

Alright, let’s address each one of his proposals.  Yes, education and experience is a factor in success.  You can obtain as many degrees as your heart desires, but it doesn’t guarantee a job, especially when federal and state governments are openly hostile to businesses.   The consequence is a bunker mentality. And the end result is a highly educated, unemployed person.

Raising the minimum wage to a “living wage” is another canard.  When businesses are forced to pay a higher wage, they in turn raise prices and/or let people go.  A minimum wage is an introductory wage for low-skilled workers learning a trade.  It shouldn’t be considered optimal pay.  Another consequence of raising the minimum wage is its inflationary aspect.  It is basically an indirect tax on goods and services that harms the poor.

The Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare, is also responsible for unemployment.  How many times have we read or heard of businesses cutting back on hours of employees, or halting expansion because of this abomination.  This law is anything but affordable.  Repealing this monstrosity would greatly improve the economy.  As a matter of fact, government regulations cost businesses about $2 trillion annually.  Is that not a regressive tax that hurts the poor?

Good intentions and government regulations don’t provide jobs, or a “living wage.”  Entrepreneurs don’t create businesses because Johnny is unemployed.  They do it because they see a need for their services or product.  Hiring is a byproduct of their success.


Yes, we all must do something about poverty.  But let’s keep things in perspective.  Feelings never provided a job, or prosperity for a family.  And neither will burdensome government regulations and failed policies.

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