Saturday, June 20, 2015

Judge Orders Return of Deported Illegal Aliens

The United States has become a safe haven for women and children suffering from domestic violence… in foreign countries.  Anyone from the third-world can expect court ordered asylum as long as you suffer from … something.  It gets even better.  American taxpayers are expected to foot the bill. 

Let’s take the case of a 34 year old Guatemalan woman and her 12 year old daughter.  She came into the United States illegally and was put into detention for over a year.  ICE finally deported them, but a judge ordered their immediate return no matter the expense.  McClatchy reported the following absurdity:

Cambria had asked the court to block Ana’s deportation while her latest appeal was pending. In its opposition to that request, the U.S. attorney’s office told the court that, as of June 9, immigration officials had no plans to remove Ana and her daughter. She was then removed 10 days later at 9:55 a.m. Friday morning. 
In his order, McKee said the court would have granted Cambria’s request to block the deportation had the court known Ana and her daughter were going to be deported.
Ana and her daughter were victims of domestic violence in Guatemala, Cambria said, and suffered psychological issues because of their long stay at the Berks County Residential Center in Pennsylvania.
Cambria said ICE knew that an emergency request to stop the deportation had been filed. But ICE officials didn’t notify the court that they had plans to remove the mother and child.
“It’s the court acknowledging that ICE can’t flex its muscle and deport victims of domestic violence, victims of sexual violence without giving them appropriate due process,” Cambria said. “You can’t play tricks when you’re dealing with people’s lives.”
The U.S. attorney has asked for Cambria’s help in tracking down Ana and her daughter in Guatemala. 
I have a question.  What happens if she remarries or shacks up with another abusive man in the United States?  Will the American taxpayers pay to relocate her again? 

Maybe, we can locate and import women suffering from domestic violence throughout the world to the United States.  I’m sure American taxpayers wouldn’t mind.

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