Saturday, June 13, 2015

Pope Francis Co-Opted by U.N. Global Warming Grafters

Pope Francis is possibly the first pontiff to declare human beings, as a collective, just as powerful as God.  He seems to believe the Earth has a thermostat and the denizens of this planet have their fingers on it.  Since when did Humanism supersede God as part of the Catholic doctrine?

This pope has brought a special brand of Latin American Marxism to the Vatican.  Social justice and anti-capitalist teachings has become the cornerstone of his ministry, and the grafters at the United Nations know they can benefit by co-opting this man of faith.  They need the Church’s complicity in spreading the lie of man-made global warming.  Pope Francis seems to be a willing accomplice.

Here is an excerpt from the New York Times:
On Thursday, Francis will release his first major teaching letter, known as an encyclical, on the theme of the environment and the poor. Given the pope’s widespread popularity, and his penchant for speaking out on major global issues, the encyclical is being treated as a milestone that could place the Roman Catholic Church at the forefront of a new coalition of religion and science

Francis, the first pope from the developing world, clearly wants the document to have an impact: Its release comes during a year with three major international policy meetings, most notably a United Nations climate change conference in Paris in December. This month, the Vatican sent notifications to bishops around the world with instructions for spreading the pope’s environmental message to the more than one billion Catholics worldwide.

By wading into the environment debate, Francis is seeking to redefine a secular topic, one usually framed by scientific data, using theology and faith. And based on Francis’ prior comments, and those of influential cardinals, the encyclical is also likely to include an economic critique of how global capitalism, while helping lift millions out of poverty, has also exploited nature and created vast inequities.

“We clearly need a fundamental change of course, to protect the earth and its people — which in turn will allow us to dignify humanity,” Cardinal Peter Turkson of Ghana, who oversaw the drafting of the encyclical, said at a conference on climate change this spring at the Vatican.

Depriving people of modernity doesn’t dignify humanity.  This pope should’ve learned from the mistakes of the third-world; instead of trying to spread misery and destitution based on a lie that is man-made global warming, now redefined as climate change.


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