Saturday, June 20, 2015

Progressive Educators Promote "Shiftless Black Culture" Theory

Our public educational system has been hijacked by progressives who expound soft bigotry of low expectations.  An Oregon school district spent $100,000 to have their educators learn the finer points of “white privilege” and racism.  Ultimately, attendees were taught black students were incapable of being productive citizens and that American ideals are hostile to minorities.

The theory says that school curricula, instructional methods and disciplinary policies are hopelessly based on the norms of white culture, for the exclusive benefit of white students. It teaches that black students cannot possibly succeed unless K-12 education is modified and customized to their supposed culture.
The “white privilege” crowd claims that fundamental ideals of American society, like hard work for personal gain and personal ownership of property, are products of white culture and completely foreign to black students.
That means schools that try to prepare black children for success in the American free market economy are spinning their wheels, because black culture is collectivist in nature. The obvious political message is that black kids will only thrive in a socialist economy.
They even went so far as to define “white privilege”:

What an outrageous theory!  Anyone who teaches this nonsense shouldn’t be near a child.  American culture is not confined to a race of people.  Blacks have prospered and made incredible contributions to this country.  How dare anyone state otherwise.

Progressives should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this pernicious theory to advance in our public schools, but we all know shame isn’t in their genetic makeup.


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