Friday, June 26, 2015

Washington D.C. Commits Bloodless Coup

The Supreme Court dealt a final blow to any pretense that we have a constitutional republic.  Their ruling to legalize gay marriages trampled upon the 10th amendment and will, without a doubt, lay siege to the 1st.  Liberal pundits declare this ruling will end the debate.  They couldn’t be more wrong.  We can expect churches and institutions of faith to be sued and eventually lose their tax exempt status, simply because progressives will never be satisfied until this country has conformity of thought and a homogenized attitude.

It is time to end this pretense.  The United States of America no longer exist as founded, or as we once understood it to be.  What we have is a Federal Government of America.  Washington D.C. dictates what we can and cannot do.  This power grab started a long time ago; but was never so prevalent as today.  What we witnessed this past week was a bloodless, Washington D.C. coup.

The Supreme Court has completely lost its credibility.  These progressive justices see themselves as demigods creating rights that only exist in their minds and rewriting bad laws to comport with their idealized version of America.

This may or may not be the high water mark for liberalism.  But one thing is for sure, Americans have to notice that we are under siege from a city that knows no limit to its power.  States have to invoke Article V of the U.S. Constitution and restore our constitutional republic. 

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