Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Confederate Flag Made Me Do It!

Let’s get this straight.  A racist, mentally deranged kid goes on a killing spree in a black church and liberals automatically blame this heinous act on the confederate flag.  What kind of logic is that?  I’ll tell you.  It’s the special snowflake kind.  The kind of logic that states no one is responsible for their own actions.  People used to blame the Devil for their transgressions.  In post-Christian America, liberals declare the confederate flag made them do it.

So, now we’re having a national debate on the meaning and relevance of the confederate battle flag.   Detractors state this “relic” has no place in modern America and should collect dust as a museum piece.  To them, it represents racism and slavery.  I disagree.

That battle flag represents resistance to northern aggressors who wouldn't take no for an answer.  The North was equivalent to an abusive husband hunting down his bruised and battered wife so as to smack her around some more.  Let’s face the facts.  The North invaded the South.  The Yankees were going to make damn sure this marriage stayed intact, even if they have to grab the South by the hair and drag her back kicking and screaming.  There’s no halfway house for two Americas.

Detractors would have us believe all Southerners fought to keep and perpetuate the institution of slavery.  The fact is only a small percentage of the population owned slaves.  Most were subsistence farmers who couldn’t vote because they didn’t own a prerequisite amount of land.  The South was ruled by landed gentry.  It was this political class that fought to keep slavery alive; not the average Southerner.

The reason that battle flag should fly high on every Southerners porch is to remind them that it was the North that invaded, murdered, raped and pillaged their homeland.  It was the North that repudiated the principles of the American Revolution.  It was the North that militarily occupied their capitols and cities while they starved and stole from the vanquished.

That’s why liberals want to banish the confederate battle flag.  They want to whitewash our history by denying Southerners their heritage.  That’s how a military occupation is called Reconstruction and students never heard of the “Era of Good Stealings.”  

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